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 Want to know where you rank among the best online TEAM UP players?

Anyone can get a HOF banner.  VBA is the only team up league that uses its own mathematical algorithm based rating system to not only measure your individual performance, but your value to your team.  All games will be broadcast so you can get some exposure for the NBA 2K League and maybe be part of the next DRAFT.


With the URI = Utility Rating Index (Dirty work), PSI = Point Scoring Index and OPR = Overall Player Ratings, you can see exactly where you stand up to the top players in the league. 

These ratings are dynamic and reflect your current level of play, so they will go up and down with how you perform.

The Virtual Basketball Association, the ORIGINAL and very first team up/team play online basketball league is back!  And better than ever. 

Captains are the most important part of any successful league, so be sure that you accept the responsibility of making sure your team is on the court when they should be. If we get great captains, it's makes the job of every captain very easy.  Register as a captain and have your players register as free agents.